Lived-In Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Why then do the kitchens featured in so many magazines give off such a steely vibe? You know what I mean: the granite, the stainless steel, the refrigerators void of family pictures and the countertops void of bills and letters. I love these kitchens for the simple reason that I’m convinced people actually live in them. 
{This might not be your average kitchen sink (filled with flowers in lieu of dirty dishes) but I love the attention to detail. Black counters are an unexpected alternative to granite or marble and they’re stunning paired with white cabinetry and pale blue walls. Don’t you love the flounce of the skirted sink and gardener’s stool?}
{The equipment might be top-of-the-line but there’s a very unfussy quality to this kitchen. The hanging pots are practical and pretty — especially with the splash of turquoise! I love the book shelves on either side of the hood.}
{I know people say they’re tired of subway tile but to me it’s a timeless classic. The open shelving contains an impressive cookbook collection and keeps plates and cups in easy reach. The styling — the potted plants, cut fruit, and phone on the table — gives it that lived-in look I love.}

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  1. I agree, love the bookshelves next to the hood in the second photo! And third photo is actually one of my favorite kitchen inspirations.

  2. Love these kitchens! And I’m with you on the subway tile, sure it’s been done a lot, but it is gorgeous and I haven’t done it in my house yet so I still totally covet it! =)

  3. Yummy! I especially love the vases & flowers in the sink – it reminds me of getting ready for company or a special event at home. My mom would always have vases filling in the sink 🙂