Pretty Pretty Pillows.

Anyone who’s seen my closet knows that I generally prefer solid colors to busy prints. I do love the color-blocked look but truthfully I just have a hard time finding patterns I like! (Does anyone else have this problem?) That said, with spring and summer allegedly around the corner, I’m finding myself suddenly drawn to preppy punches of pattern…
And any one of these pillows from Layla Grayce would do the trick! I love the bright graphic patterns and think they’d be a lovely complement to all the solid-colored pieces in my current décor. Baby steps 😉

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  1. I’m SO with you regarding solids versus prints 😉 I think solids are much more versatile, too – whenever I think of my style icons (grace kelly, audrey hepburn), I never remember them in prints – just black cigarette pants, classic white shirts, pastels, jewel tones ……always solids….

  2. love the prints you picked for those pillows! I’m a minimalist girl at heart too, and find myself drawn to angular and geometric prints…not too big on floral!

  3. Perfect choices and I adore the first one especially!!

    Art by Karena

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  4. I wear mostly solids too. Over the past few months, I’ve started incorporating some stripes (which I now can’t get enough of) but solids are definitely my comfort zone.

  5. My entire closet is solids! LOL Blacks/cremes/ivories/nudes. I usually use color in my shoes/purses. I actually do not like colored jewelry either…just do yellow gold/white gold or pearls. Maybe an occasional turquoise.

    I do like colored stripes for the beach pared with lots of white.

    In my home decor I have used strong colors/prints in the past but am leaning towards soft subtle muted tones now with hardly any pigment. Next time I redo I am going to try all solids on the upholstery.

    I think this is really my style and now I know why I always want to do redoes! Can’t live forever with the prints!

    Am beginning to have the same problem with art. If there’s too much going on, it has no staying power with me. I am leaning towards very dark/muted art works lately. (No, I am NOT depressed! LOL)

    But all these prints seem to be the rage now. They’re cute, but wondering how long they will last.

  6. What great colors.We are so loving the first one with the orange and purple colorway. What a great site, had to stay on it for a while to look at all the fabrics by the yard.