Well-Groomed Gardens

It’s finally beginning to feel like spring in my neck of the woods and I’m welcoming the warm weather with open arms. Today I’d like to transport to any one of these impeccably manicured gardens with an Arnold Palmer and a good book in hand. What are you reading these days? I’m so looking forward to having the time to read for pleasure again!

{these beautiful pictures and many more courtesy of Patterson Maker}

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  1. Stunning photos, would love to walk through gardens like these. Need to take a quick trip to England. Reading wise- & staying with the British theme- Phillipa Gregory has been in my hands- have finished the other Boleyn girl and not reading the Virgin’s Lover. I really enjoy historical fiction. {And of course recently finished Water for Elephants- which was simply excellent}

  2. Lovely gardens!! Well I am really intro mystery and fiction stories..I am currently finishin Nocturna by Guillermo del Toro…love it intriguing story

    The Black Label

  3. Tobes and I took a walk through some formal gardens in North London today – stunning. You would have loved them! P.S. I know I owe you a couple of emails re: society social and dialogues, I promise I’ve not forgotten and they will come sooooooon. Sorry again. xo

  4. These gardens are so stunning!! I am currently obsessed with all boxwoods as I plan my wedding and these photos are like heaven to me!