In The Red

Red has never been one of my favorite colors but I’m loving the strong statement it makes in these three very different spaces.
How fun is the striped floor at this hotel bar? White furniture and simple throw pillows keep it from looking too over-the-top.
Modern chairs are a happy complement to a large framed photograph in classic black and white. I swear I will never tire of herringbone floors!
I love the playful use of pink-red in this more traditional space. Velvet upholstered stools and a glossy white ceiling keep my interest piqued.
– – –
Do you have any red in your home? Where are your favorite places to inject a little color?

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  1. Maybe you never liked the color because you are a red-head and it’s hard for us to pull off sometimes? I actually have some poppy-red (almost boarderline oragne) pieces in my closet that I love wearing in the summer when i have a little tan 🙂