Sabrina Linn

I had blogged about the second row right image before and was delighted to stumbled upon more of this Sabrina Linn-designed penthouse. Isn’t it stunning? 
{I love the neutral scheme of this living area. The combination of orange velvet and white upholstery is unexpectedly chic, but it’s the large abstract art that steals the show.}
{How opulent is this workspace? I can only imagine looking out onto that kind of view in between blog posts!}
{A round mirror is an unexpected alternative over the bathroom sink. I adore the oversized idea board in what looks to be the foyer, proving that inspiration is indeed everywhere!}

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  1. It’s gorgeous! I blogged about this a little while back and she actually contacted me and said that she moved into a new house! She has shown pics yet but I cant wait to see it!!!

  2. So beautiful. Love how well designed the rooms look and that they don’t look to “done” and more lived in (the over-sized idea board for one)