Crunch Time!

A little glimpse at my weekly to do list…

1. A ten-page paper about the theme of betrayal in 17th century French theater. Yikes.

2. A quick presentation about the failure of FEMA to respond to Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

3. An eight-page paper about non-traditional family structures and sex trafficking around the world.

4. A “Meet The Designer” piece for Rue.

5. A “Rue Shops [insert surprise city here]” piece.

6. A home tour piece for Rue.

7. Another home tour piece for Rue.

8. Book my flight to San Francisco.

9. Send out emails for a super fun, top secret project for Roxy’s forthcoming Society Social furniture line.

10. Throw something together for Dad’s birthday (tomorrow), my brother’s birthday (Friday), and Mother’s Day (Sunday).

– – –

What’s keeping you busy this week? Deep breaths.

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  1. whoa! Number 1 has me shaking in my leopard print pumps hahah but Number 8 seems kinda fun 😉 Good luck, Mackenzie! Don’t forget to savor every last moment!

  2. You can do it, girl! Try to enjoy your last few days of college! You’ll wish you could go back once it’s over 😉

  3. Good Luck. I just handed in my 200 page graduate thesis last week, so I know how you feel! Just think, once you are on the other side of it, you will feel fantastic!

  4. Your a busy girl! And your list definitely reminds me I have many things to do… The list is growing! Thanks for sharing and its nice to know I’m not the only one. Also, congrats on the internship with Rue.

  5. Mackenzie, darling – i feel your pain! This week has been insane for me too. Don’t let it get to you and take it one step at a time – part of managing stress is fooling yourself into not getting stressed out. All else fails, a 20 minute bubble bath does wonders, as does a little bubbly while writing something dreary 😉

  6. I don’t miss college one bit. Good luck with those papers. I had a super busy wknd doing the styling for a wedding reception so I’m finally getting back to the swing of things. On my to do list: blogs, spring cleaning apt (including taking clothes to goodwill and selling something on craigslist), finish my portfolio site and contact an old HS classmate who wants me to renovate her kitchen.

  7. I know your pain, I had 3 exams this week! If you need a source for the FEMA presentation i could do an e-mail interview. I’m from Slidell LA, and my family and I went through Katrina and most def. had to deal with fabulous FEMA. We actual lived in one of the FEMA campers while we rebuilt our house that had 6 1/2 feet of water. But they sent it to my grandmothers house all the way across town and wouldnt move it! Not to mention there were 5 of us cramped into a tiny little camper for almost a year! I’d be happy to help, let me know! you can leave a comment on my blog ( or email me at

    Good luck this week!

  8. WOW….your plate runneth over, as my father used to like to say.

    Just take a deep breath and do the best you can. Sometimes, certain things just have to wait.

    Good luck!
    xo Elizabeth

  9. I feel yaaaaa. SO much going on. I have 3 wedding in a row – all out of town, I might add. I’m on a wedding #2 this weekend. I have dry cleaning that hasn’t been picked up in over a month, the dress I’m supposed to wear this weekend is still at the alterations place, and I need to sign a new lease. Deep breaths … good luck with all of your stuff!

  10. just finished exams yesterday – graduation plans are keeping me busy!! and PACKING. awful. i’m jealous you are busy because graduation is looming!! don’t stress, you’ll do great! miss you xo

  11. YIKES! This is one part of college I don’t miss. Let’s see…I’ve been swamped with work projects and have barely found any time to blog 🙁 Lots of birthdays and Mother’s Day this weekend so it’ll be another busy weekend for us. BUT, that also means I get to shop w/ my favorite ladies. Yay! Don’t stress hun 🙂 I’m sure you will do great!

  12. I feel for ya. This week has been absolutely awful with work, and I’m actually perusing blogs as procrastination from studying for my final (!) final exam ever! Don’t stress too much–you’re almost done!