First Impressions {Graphic Design}

First impressions are everything — and not just in the “real world.” Your blog is your online portfolio and should therefore reflect your style to a T. Content is key, but so is good design; an attractive header, a streamlined layout, clear pictures, and easy-to-read text are just as necessary as original content and properly cited images. Anything else is just selling yourself short. Here are a few of my favorite blog headers these days.

I love that Sally and Molly change out the images in their header depending on the season. The layout remains the same, but the subtle change feels fresh every time. 

Will is all about colorful interiors, so his subtitle is practically a personal manifesto. I love the simplicity and the easy-to-read font.

Like Sally and Molly, graphic designer Bri swaps out the patterns behind the word “LOVE” to keep up with her current inspirations. 

Kelly is a graphic designer so it makes sense that her header would wow! I love that she switches up the color palette every so often, though this navy and pink number is naturally my favorite.

In addition to the fact that I adore orange and pink together, I love the quirky combination of fonts in Bradley and Alison’s header.

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What would you add to the list of must-haves for a blog design? What are some of your contenders for best designed blogs? By the way, if you’re looking to hire a graphic designer for your own blog or website, I have a fantastic list of recommendations I would love to share!

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P.S. Notice something new? My dear friend Chassity taught me how to install the Facebook “like” button under each post. (HTML is not my strong suit!) If you like what you see, do let me know 😉

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  1. Hi…have not visited in a while, and look at all the stuff I have been missing!! 🙂

    I think this was a very good post, and it also introduced me to a few new blogs! YEAH!

    Please – when you have time – stop Northern Light, I would love to know what you think of mu header and overall look !!

    Northern Light Blog

  2. Great post Mackenzie, totally agree! Love your blog header too! 🙂 Thanks for the intro to the new blogs as well, great post!

  3. Eeeek – Mackenzie you are so sweet to feature us! We adore your header, too (so stylish, so you) and some of the others you listed are on our list of favorites as well… We have always thought of our blog as our very own “brand” – and have tried our best to graphically represent ourselves and our aesthetic as best we can! Thanks again!

  4. Love these! I’ve been considering doing the header thing. Originally my site was just supposed to be a portfolio site, but the blog has taken over!

    Great inspiration for me!

  5. Thank you for mentioning Fabulous K in your post! I completely agree with you. There’s nothing worse than a blog with amazing content sitting on an unorganized, cluttered design. xx

  6. I completely agree with you! As a graphic designer, that’s the first thing I notice about a blog. And more often than not, I have to admit, I’ll leave a blog not based on its content, but if it’s designed poorly. And you chose some of my favorites, especially Design Love Fest and A Piece of Toast. And Mimi + Meg ( is a favorite too!