Summer in San Francisco {Packing List}

I booked my flight to San Francisco this weekend (June 4 — so soon!) and I have been thinking of all the little things I want to pack ever since: notebooks to jot down ideas for blog posts and names of restaurants to try, my iPhone and monogrammed cover to share my adventures with you all, an eco-friendly bag for groceries, stationery for sending letters back east, sunglasses to stay safe in the sun, and of course a darling striped picnic blanket for my days off!

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  1. Oh my gosh! So fun and so soon. My husband and a group of college friends and I are going to SF this August. We have been researching and exchanging links and blog posts like crazy. What’s on your list to visit? I’ve got Tartine, Mission Cheese, The Curiosity Shoppe, Concrete slides, a Giants game and lunch at the Ferry Building! Can’t wait to see where you’ll visit so I can add some stuff to our list!

  2. If you like seafood and bubbly, go to Scoma’s (Fisherman’s Wharf)! It’s sort of difficult to find (a local spot as opposed to a tourist trap) but any hotel concierge or valet can tell you how to get there. Great atmosphere, great prawns and dungeness crab and the most inexpensive bottles of Domaine Carneros sparkling wine I’ve ever found! YUM!!! Have fun!

  3. I am dying to get one of those iphone cases from Dani Notes…just need to get my iphone 4 first. My sister (don’t know if you remember her from high school; Cassandra) lives out in San Fran and works for Martha Angus (an interior designer) and I know she would love to meet up with you! Congratulations on graduating, and have fun this summer!