White Floors

Love the one you’re with. Work with what you’ve got. Make it work. But what if your plain concrete or wood floors really just aren’t working? Paint them! I’m convinced there’s nothing a fresh coat of white paint can’t solve — and I’m using these interiors as proof.
{Blueprint Magazine}

Do you have any white floors in your home? It’s a DIY project I’m dying to try at some point using this tutorial. According to Camila, it’s a surprisingly easy and inexpensive project — right up my alley!

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  1. first time when I came on this topic and luckily found it nice thanks for this one. This is the first time when I came on this topic and luckily found it nice thanks for this one. I must like to appreciat


  2. I have to agree with Andres. As beautiful as these white floors are, I’d always want to be cleaning them and with a large beast-dog who likes to get into things, I think I’d lose the cleaning battle. Great inspiration images though!

  3. As lovely as they look I can´t have one haha I am little bit of cleaning freak..so I would be eternally stressed of them getting dirty haha

    The Black Label

  4. well yes actually! I’m reno’ing a 130 yr old home (www.mytowncottage.blogspot.com) and decided on painting the boards white in the bedrooms. Two reasons, I’m going to sell, so it’s saves me money, and the buyer can put the carpet quality/colour they want, not what I think they’ll want. So many people have said “ewe, painted floors!” and I then tell them that all the trendy mags have them featuring, but still, so many people are not really used to the idea yet. I love em, they look great, but I must admit they show a lot of dirt… I don’t think I’d like them in my family home, maybe a country or beach house… Nice pics you posted tho!

  5. I love the idea of white floors, but the upkeep would drive me mental! The picture of Anna’s old home is one of my all time favourites!

    Sarah x