19 thoughts on “Pair it with pink.

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  1. That top picture reminds me of early Isaac Mizrahi, but it’s still very fresh looking. It’s a perfect style for this time of year.

  2. I’m def. not sick of your posts! I love pairing hot pink with red….now I find a long red skirt like the one above ……… 😉

  3. How could anyone ever get ired of the color pink? It’s beenmy favorite color since forever!!

  4. Love the blue + pink in the first picture. I don’t usually wear pink…I’m one to wear grays and naturals. Need to branch out…

  5. I’ve just developed a new obsession with bright pink. I actually just bought fabric to make a skirt like Taylor’s!

  6. I could never get tired of pink!!! I wear it as a dress or an accessory! I think I’ll have a moment of sadness when they name the pantone color of 2012. Pink has had a good run this year!!!

    xo Elizabeth