Everyday Uniforms

I love stalking red carpet fashion as much as the next style blogger, but I much prefer seeing pictures captured on the street: people carrying out their everyday lives and wearing what works for them. 
Olivia Palermo is a constant and often lauded source of everyday inspiration. On-trend cat eye sunglasses and a timeless leather tote escalate her casual sweater-and-flats look from basic to blog-worthy.
Growing up in preppy Connecticut, I have long been a fan of the layered blazer-over-oxford look. But the ribbon belt and strappy heels tip it over the edge. These pictures made me think, what’s your everyday uniform and how do you make it your own?
Are you a preppy dress-shirt-and-flats kind of girl?
Or do you prefer a dress and boots with “geek chic” glasses?
Or do you stick to the basics and let your accessories steal the show? Whatever your everyday uniform, I’d love to know!

{all photos via my fashion board}

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  1. This is on my mind lately a lot. My little boy is 6 months now, I’m almost back to my pre pregnancy shape. As a woman you need to evolve constantly over the years. And change your uniform along the way! Now I only have to figure out how my new one will look like…

  2. It depends on the mood for the day. I love dressing in different styles!
    Just came across your blog and I love it! 🙂

    Your newest follower

  3. I’m fairly simple. It’s about good quality (hopefully on sale) and simplicity. Dark jeans. Brown or black loafers. Graphic socks. Simple button-down or polo–untucked. Military-inspired watch. Mad specs appeal. Done. 🙂

  4. great photos! i’d say my uniform is black urban skinnies and a chambray shirt and flats (maybe mix it up with some accessories) …not too exciting, but it makes me feel great!

  5. More often then leggings, living in South Florida – my daily uniform is a fab maxi stress, hoops, bangles and sandles – preferably a strapless maxi to avoid tan lines =) It’s my summer go-to for effortless style.

    xo Lynda

  6. I have to say when it comes to it I’m definitely a preppy dress-shirt and flats girl, however I do like to add in the occasional pair of heels and striking accessory.
    In love with that Zara leather tote Olivia is carrying {hoping to purchase soon} and that 2nd picture embodies me and my style to a tee. I could wear an outfit like that everyday- just swap out the heels to flats now and then and a different color oxford shirt- you could make that outfit last a long time!!!

  7. I love all of these images! My everyday uniform changes all the time. Depends what I’m in the mood for. But all I have to say is that I WISH I had Olivia P’s uniform!

  8. Everyday uniform – good point! I certainly have one! It’s a pretty shirt of some description with a plain skirt (i.e. one colour) and flats. I jazz it up with my favourite rings.

  9. Great Post!

    Personal Uniform: Top with an unusual back, blazer, skinny jeans, scarf, heels and a big accessory (earrings, bangles, etc).

    – Diana

  10. I stick to the basics and let the accessories make the difference. Olivia always looks so effortlessly chic, doesn’t she? :)Ada

  11. My daily uniform: norts, oversized t-shirt, nike sneakers, high school class ring, turtle earrings.

    Your daily uniform: urban skinny jeans, polo oxford, tory burch flats

    Miss you!

  12. love the oxford over the blazer look! that is certainly my staple! I switch it up between skirts and skinnies on the bottom


  13. I work from home part time and run around after kids constantly so my everyday uniform is pretty casual. Boyfriend jeans, tees or woven shirts and a cardigan. Lately I’ve been trying harder to look put together with interesting accessories – a fabulous necklace or bracelet and cool handbag.

  14. all of the above!! i definitely think i am mostly spotted in skinny jeans, flats, and a blazer, accessorized with lots of bracelets, simple earrings and a pop of color;) these are all great looks.

  15. my everyday uniform in the winter is black leggings, a cashmere sweater, and knee high boots…in the summer I LIVE in dresses 🙂