Lindsay’s D.C. Digs

I was delighted to stumble upon my friend Lindsay’s apartment featured in the latest issue of the Australian online magazine Ivy & Piper. Lindsay’s blog The Pursuit of Style has long been a personal favorite and I do hope she’ll return from her work-related leave of absence in the near future! In the mean time, we’ll have these pretty pictures of her Washington, D.C., apartment to tide us over…
The combination of leopard print and yellow faux bamboo in Lindsay’s dining room is delightfully unexpected, wouldn’t you say? I’m also coveting her Quadrille-covered headboard and vintage book collection.
I love that Lindsay reupholstered an old barrel chair in hot pink linen and topped it with a leopard print pillow. She clearly shares my love of color, even citing Anna Spiro as her design idol. What do you think of her place?

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  1. I just got a set of bentwood chairs and have been considering revamping them. Seems a lot of people are using yellow and I might have to jump on that train, it’s so eye catching!

  2. They definitely sell that book, “A Privileged Life” at J.crew New Canaan. One time there was even a book signing of it in the store… #CTlife

  3. Mack- where can I get a headboard like that? the ivy and paisley combo in my room isn’t working anymore/never did…