Weekend snapshots…

I had the most wonderful long weekend with my mom! It was such a treat having her fly in from Connecticut and I had fun showing her my new stomping grounds in San Francisco. Here, a few snapshots from our weekend together…
{Passing the time before her arrival with a half & half and a pile of magazines.}
{Admiring the succulents in the Botanical Garden}
{The carousel in Golden Gate Park}
{Stopping to smell the roses on an afternoon stroll}
{Pre-dinner pedicures! I chose Essie’s Fire Cracker, which seemed appropriate for the holiday. Does anyone else choose polish colors for their names?}
– – – 
Do all you iPhone owners use Instagram as well? It’s like Photoshop on the go — I’m obsessed!

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  1. That sounds like the perfect weekend! I don’t necessarily pick because of the name, but when deciding between two colors, the one with the funnier/ cuter name wins out every time!

  2. I love Instagram! And I also choose nail polishes by their name : ) it looks like a great weekend! I also love to pass the time with magazines and a yummy drink.