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  1. I’m actually wearing essie’s turquoise and caicos.. and although I am also always attracted to pink-coral tones, everytime I wear this color I receive too many compliments

  2. I think I’d do a mint green before I’d try bright blue, although I do have a navy. I always love it on other people but have never bought a bright blue bottle for myself.

  3. I’m so excited to see pictures from your weekend. Glad he was able to come visit (: And can’t wait to see you on Thursday! I always do pinks, reds and lately, I’m good with purple or lavender, too!

  4. I love blue nail polish! I love bright hues and more pastel/dusty blues. I love experimenting with my nail polish – I’m currently wearing Essie Turquoise & Caicos!

  5. I wear blue polish all the time – I have about 4 different shades – and I LOVE it! I work in a pretty conservative but creative office so my bold nails always offset my polished/classic work attire perfectly!