Desk Du Jour

These pictures of Amy’s desktop on her blog Coffee Talk made me smile. Her workspace screams organized chaos in the best way possible: high-tech, magazines everywhere, and coffee at the ready. What more could a girl want? 
What does your ideal workspace look like? If you’d prefer not to discuss work matters on a Friday, I’ll understand. Happy weekending!
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P.S. I’m first class on Gabrielle’s blog Savvy Home today. See what I mean here!

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  1. love this!
    I was out of work for 3 days for teambbuilding then jury duty, I shouldve taken a picture of it at the end of the day today..mayhem!!

  2. that is my fantasy desk! (in other words, what my desk would look like if i was a smidge more organized.) the macbook, the pink and b/w, the monogram coffee mug…perfection!