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I know I haven’t landed my first full-time job yet and I certainly haven’t started looking at New York apartments but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream decorate, does it? I stumbled upon the work of Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz this morning and thought it was too good not to share.
I’m all about the hardwood flooring, white furniture, and tan leather accents. Of course all that natural light doesn’t hurt either. What does your apartment — real or imaginary – look like these days?

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  1. HELLO OOOO: that’s what it’s ALL about chez moi!

    I love the lightweighted vibe, accomplished through the natural feeling of wood, the soft colors & the smell of leather 🙂



  2. Oh this is so up my alley – clean but pretty, neutral and natural, white and glam. All of my faves in one space. Thank you for the inspiration, adding this to my Dream Home pinterest board. ;o)

  3. Really gorgeous…I love the white and bright feeling !! My home is still a work in progress but coming along !


  4. ,,,took a peek at a new york apt that was a mere 78sqft!,,,the good news…space will be at a minimum, thus, less to decorate,,,ny has a way of bringing the minimalist out in a person, which is my style of decor,,,happy hunting (for employment,home)and decorating!,,,

  5. What a gorgeous space! Unfortunately, I could never pull off the all white look because of my pup, but it is really soothing. Our place is white walls with a mostly neutral/ natural palette and several pops of color and sparkle!

  6. My apt is nothing the way I want it to be (student loans due) so until I get those payments down, I won’t be focusing on my place. I still get tons of compliments on what I DO have. My fav color is black and the main pieces including couch/sofas are black. but the accessories is where the color comes in. the living room has various mocha hues. its an african safari glam feel. I have mock croc frames etc, jeweled & ruffled pillows, tons of animal prints (zebra, giraffe), african & animal masks. Some mixed materials (leather, wicker, suede). The bedroom is Moroccan inspired so dark plums & cranberries. I have lanterns & a canopy with beaded trim. The bathroom is peach & coastal themed. The galley kitchen is nothing spectacular. I wish I could change the lighting and paint but those are the joys of apt restrictions 🙁