Working Girl

Thank you for the birthday wishes yesterday! Today I’m taking the train into New York where I’ll hit the ground running with three interviews for fall internships. Of course the end goal is to secure a full-time position but I’m keeping my options open and exhausting my resources before I make any decisions. More experience and more exposure never hurt anyone!
I wish I could share where I’ll be interviewing today (and later this week!) but I’m keeping my lips sealed so as not to jinx anything. I imagine the next few weeks will be filled with lots of research and plenty of caffeine. Wish me luck!

{image from Matchbook Magazine}

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  2. Good luck Mackenzie!! I’m sure you’ll be great! Not sure if you’re interested, but if so, I believe we’re hiring at the PR agency I work for–Meg Connolly Communications., feel free to email me with any questions! Mostly hospitality and lifestyle PR. =]