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  1. I have decent handwriting, but it’s no calligraphy.. I have a few upcoming events with invites that beg for calligraphy, so that should be on my list as well.

  2. Hi!! I love your blog. I’d love it if you did a post on cute (affordable) dorm decoration … with four years of college under your belt, you’re bound to have more inspired ideas than I do!

  3. I started doing calligraphy just a few months ago-I’m nowhere near an expert, but it’s a ton of fun finding your own style!

    I would love to go to Ireland and Scotland…and I don’t admit this to many people, but one of my ultimate goals is to be on a Kiss Cam at a sporting event! 🙂

  4. That’s a good list.

    Dinner parties are always fun. Who would be your inspiration?

    I didn’t learn to use chopsticks until I started eating sushi. It was easier since the rolls are big. AND you could try out edamame too so you’d have a few off your list (& have a yummy meal)

    Your sister goes to Amherst? I went to MHC (for 2 years) it’s such a pretty area.

    Some things I’d have on my list:
    -re-launch website (any day now)
    -swim a mile (with no stops)
    -get into a gallery

  5. Some of the items on my list:
    – Finish my undergraduate degree & go to grad school
    – Learn how to cook
    – Become bilingual
    – Take a class just for fun (I’m thinking floral design)
    I have my “bucket list” & summer goals on my blog – feel free to take a look =)


  6. You have totally inspired me to start my own list! I am a recent college grad as well and share many of the same hopes as you!!

    I will post my list on my blog soon!

    xoxo M


  7. It really got me to think about composing my own list after reading your post.

    I think the number one on my list is to live in Japan and Taiwan.



  8. Great goals! I have thrown my first couple of dinner parties this year and I LOVED IT! Just make sure you plan and prioritize so you wont get stressed! I’d like to become a mom (gotta meet Mr. Right first) and blog full time!

  9. oh I have many.. you are inspiring me to start my own list, but I think it would be like 50 things in 350 days.. my first dinner party and my own business would be in there, also decorate one of my (girl)friends room.