Graphic Image 2012 Planner Giveaway!

My friends at Graphic Image are graciously giving away one 2012 planner in the winner’s chosen color and monogram! They kindly sent me a bright orange planner (that I wish I could start using immediately!) and it officially has my stamp of approval.
Look at all the pretty colors! The leather quality is to die for and there’s plenty of space to write — a must for this compulsive list-maker!

To enter the giveaway, simply become a follower of Design Darling and leave a comment below. The winner will be announced on Friday morning. Good luck!

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  1. I totally need one of these!I get so anxious only a list can calm me! So I make lists and I plan and plan. It doesn’t matter whether I follow my plans or use my lists, as long as I write it down,I’m good (I must have some sort of disorder!).

  2. I every year make it a full-on event when I go to pick out my new color of planner. So excited about this giveaway!

  3. Fabulous giveaway. I am a huge Graphic Image fan. This planner would be perfect as I juggle full-time work, full-time grad school and part-time planning a move and wedding!

  4. I’m planning a wedding in 2012 and I’m a very busy consultant with a side business designing stationary and invitations. I am lost without a good planner – and the artist in me craves a beautiful one! If it isn’t too late, I would love to be considered for the drawing. Any color will do – they’re all so pretty!

  5. An orange leather planner? You have got to joking, it is perfect! I still love my 2011 Design Darling recommended planner, but I think I NEED an orange one to introduce my office to the orange obsession!

    What a great giveaway!

  6. I would LOVE to add this planner to my pile of everyday must-have’s … iPhone, wallet, sunglasses and (hopefully) Graphic Image planner!

    My initials will be changing next month after my wedding and I’d love to add to my newly monogrammed items!

  7. I’m such a sucker for planners even more so when they’re as pretty as these!! Just the thought of owning one of these makes me feel like the most chicly organized woman on the planet. Great, great giveaway!


  8. I love love love the orange!! What a fantastic planner. I really must remember to thank Bunny Victorious for sending me to your blog – I was very happy to add you to my follow list 😉

  9. There is something enchanting and magical about the beginning of the school year. Riding my bike around our local university campus the other day I felt the overwhelming need for newly sharpened pencils and a lovely, fresh, and pretty planner… looks like I have found the planner! If I don’t win it here… Where might I buy this design???

  10. Deliciously sumptuous colours! Our Australian Spring is around the corner and you have just reminded me of the magic that awaits us in the coming months. I just adore them.

  11. Oh Girl, This calendar makes my heart skip a beat. Love the lime one.
    And it would actually come in very handy now that I’ve revisited my life and started my new career in Art History.

  12. How could you not be in love with these planners! Love the leather and the bright pops of color that will make it easy to find in even the most cluttered bags!

  13. Ooooh!!! I love love love writing in planners and those are adorable! I want to win and I want it to be 2012 so I could use it immediately! Swoon.

  14. So elegant, I would love this and would promise to never use sloppy penmanship in it! Plus, would prompt me to ditch the post-its for good 🙂 The orange is stunning!

  15. Gorgeous planners! Maybe if I won this I could start the fall organized (instead of my typical scatter brained self!) My favorite is the orange!
    Crossing my fingers

  16. Wow, they’re gorgeous. I absolutely love leather planners, and these vibrant colours would brighten up my day, especially on a cold, grey winter’s day!

    Love them all, but the pink and red are my favourites!


  17. I LOVE planners! I usually buy one every 6 months because they get so “loved.” This one looks pretty sturdy and seems like it would last the whole 12 months. I love the yellow!

  18. I have that coral red on my toes right now 🙂
    Love the planners, the extra space is a for sure necessity for to-do lists!

  19. The pink is gorgeous! This would be the perfect “real world” upgrade to the cute (but slightly rinky-dink)vera bradley student agendas I have used all through college. I suppose its about time to find a cute big girl planner.

  20. I already followed on bloglovin but I followed on GFC too in case that’s what you wanted. Thanks for the giveaway!


  21. I would die for one! I just started my job in sales and my planner is my best friend. I go on 10-15 appointments per week plus meetings and conference calls, I would be lost without it! A beautiful planner would make my days that much brighter.