Apartment Essentials {The Sofa}

Given that lots of you are young professionals furnishing your first place, I thought I’d kick off an informal series called Apartment Essentials to showcase my favorite budget finds for key pieces. (This is of course pertinent to college students as well!) First up: the living room sofa.
{Rita Konig in Decorate}
In many first apartments, the living room sofa serves many purposes: the place you cozy up with popcorn and a movie, the spot you read blogs and skype home, the alternative to the dining room table (which is inevitably covered with magazines and mail), and — let’s face it — the guest bedroom for visitors both expected and impromptu. Therefore it’s important that the living room sofa be comfortable, durable, and stylish. Here are a few of my favorite affordable options on the market right now. 

Feel free to disagree with me here but I’m going to say that anything priced below $1,000 is a very reasonable price for a quality sofa. These are only a few hundred dollars more than your college futon but kill it in the style department. Most of these are available in multiple colors but I chose gray as a goes-with-everything neutral that’s way more chic than beige.

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What do you think of this series? Any particular pieces you’re looking for?

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  1. Great stuff here. The information and the detail were just perfect. I think that your perspective is deep, its just well thought out and really fantastic to see someone who knows how to put these thoughts down so well. Great job on this.
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  2. These are great tips and ideas for people who are living in apartments. Mostly, apartments are made up of concrete materials. The floors are also made up of cements, tiles or granites. You can add beauty to the floors and walls if you want. A simple carpet will do the trick for you.

  3. My living room is just small so a small sofa will do the magic. I like my place to be spacious that’s why I don’t buy big furniture and appliances. I am actually thinking for a best home design that will suit my taste.

  4. thanks for the tips! its my first time having my own apartment and i’ve been thinking of ways to decorate! and you’re sooo right! i do everything on my sofa… tv… dinner… phone calls/skype with friends.. reading, studying, checking emails, even naps if i fall asleep while studying!!! hahah so you’re right you need a good one… i been trying to figure out where to get a stylish one and i love the one in the main picture of your post! its sooo cute!!! i like the colorful rug under the sofa too! thats also hard to do..get the perfect match between a stylish sofa with the floor coverings in your living room!

  5. I will go ahead and tell you the story of my own first apartment purchase: the sofa. When moving into my first big girl home last summer, I scouted out a sofa. I found a fairly good condition, horribly patterned sofa on craigs list that the owner was so desperate to get rid of that he just gave it to me for free. Now, this sofa is the most comfortable sofa on the planet. Of course, it was hideous so for Christmas I chose a fabric and had it recovered for about $700 or so. Now, I have a $3500 dollar worthy sofa for a steal and I love it!

  6. We have the Ikea Kivik sofa and just added a chaise to seat more and make it L shaped in a gray brown and absolutely LOVEEE it! Also love this new series… very relevant for young professionals who also want a little style!

  7. Perfect! I just moved to my first post-college apartment/grown-up girl apt in March. While I got really lucky snagging a ton of great furniture from my relatives I need ideas for the walls! And how to accessorize the small end tables… you know, knick knacks that add style to a room.

  8. Love the new series! I agree I’d love to see some ideas about accessible art-but really I’d love to see any ideas you have as Im trying to decorate my first “real-life” apt!

  9. Hey!
    My two roommates and I are starting our first post grad apartment as well and none of us had any furniture. We purchased our sofa for a steal online but tried it out in a store where it was marked up $500 more (I know right) we are totally shabby chicing it and there will be post on my blog soon! We are also major flea market finders and have found amazing pieces at the Melrose Trading Post! Hope our apartment will look great. Problems we are having is a solution to where to put laptops to keep them off the kitchen table. Any ideas? It would need to be in the living room! Thanks

  10. This is such a wonderful idea!! I would love to see a post on wall art, and where to find some inexpensive pieces that aren’t just dorm room posters. So excited for this series!

  11. I just moved and my first couch is a gray almost basket weave material love seat with a chaise lounge attached. Its a great first couch and the upholstery can always be changed! It was from Ikea and I think was a little over 1000…perfect started couch!

  12. Love the series! (and the blog!)
    I’m currently in the market for some good pieces of art… and obviously not super expensive ones. Any and all suggestions welcome!!

  13. Great idea!! I definitely agree that for me, filling wall space with unique, colorful but affordable pieces was always difficult.

  14. Great ideas for your series! I already have the sofas I need in my home but I enjoy watching new options and I am sure I will end up buying something from your future posts..