Flower Power

One summer during high school, I worked at a flower shop out here on Nantucket. Well, the flower shop. It wound up being my only summer as an employee there (probably because I missed the clothing discounts that came with working in retail) but I’ll always look back fondly on the time I spent cutting in flowers and delivering bouquets to hotels on the island. Flowers just make people so happy! They’re beautiful, fragrant, and indulgent in a way that’s not at all superficial. Pop by your favorite florist this evening and treat yourself to a few fresh blooms — you deserve it!

*Photograph by Sarah Tucker for sale HERE. Thank you Victoria for the source!

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  1. Nature has blessed us with a lot of beautiful and scented flowers. They are great and heart warming. You know, giving someone a flower is sweet and I guess receiving one is also a wonderful feeling. Flowers would really make your day happy.

  2. Yes, I think I will! One of my resolutions this year was to have fresh flowers in my living room weekly and last week’s lilies have faded. 🙂

  3. Gorgeous. Have to tried to reverse image search it on TinEye? I worked in a flower shop for a stint and loved it to…the fresh smell, peaceful work, and eye candy. xoxo