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  1. love your inspiration! your first apt will be amazing i’m sure! i read your blog all the time and am going to nantucket for the first time in a few weeks- wardrobe suggestions would be much appreciated and places to go bc i know it’s your favorite!

  2. AMAZING!! Let’s do it! Can we start making a wish list? I started already and I want all Jonathan Adler. In my dream world of course, in reality we are going to have to be alittle more creative!!

  3. I am totally on board with your ideas for decorating your new place. Can’t wait to see photos of your apartment!


  4. I used that image of Rashida Jones’ NY apartment as inspiration when I first moved to the city too! I completely agree… when renting, you need to get creative with your furniture, artwork and accent pieces. I’ve loved the challenge and I’m constantly changing things up which makes it more fun!

  5. I am totally on your wavelength with this series! I moved into my own 1BR 2 weeks ago and am trying to get a plan together. I think the first step will be taking the plunge to buy the big pieces (see ya nev, paycheck!) and the rest will follow. I’ve been combing Goodwill and love searching for special items.

    I’m with you 🙂