Apartment Essentials {Art}

When I announced this series, an overwhelming number of you expressed the need for affordable art options to cover bare walls and introduce color without breaking the bank. Here are a few of the tricks up my sleeve…
20×200 is an excellent source for limited edition prints in various sizes. A 14″x11″ print like this ubiquitous Christian Chaize number (which, for the record, I still love) will run you $50.
I adore the Etsy offerings of painter Janet Hill, whose vintage-inspired prints would be a playful addition to any interior. Nothing in her shop costs more than $55 and this charming print of a well-clad redhead is just $26! Frame it in gold with a green matte and you’re good to go.
This Swiss blogger stocks her shop with travel photography that will lend an esteemed air to a simple studio. These peonies, which Sarah photographed in Zurich, are a personal favorite.
Prefer sketches to paintings and photos? This Australian illustrator’s work is breathtakingly precise. I’m drawn to this messy topknot — how perfect for in a closet or powder room!
One of my favorite solutions is to frame a colorful scarf. This hand-painted option (currently sold out but I believe can be custom ordered) would be particularly cheery in a breakfast nook or a foyer.
Framable options abound at The Lucky Fish. This vintage Vera Neumann scarf is a graphic statement piece that could easily inspire the color palette for your entire space. 
I have featured Amber’s dining room before but the fact that she took pictures of clouds and blew them up for her dining room continues to strike my fancy. In fact she makes me want to run to Kinko’s with some of my Instagram snaps. Think travel pictures, family portraits, the sky’s the limit!
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If you’d prefer a DIY project, I might suggest painting panels or framing wallpaper. What’s your favorite art resource and how are you covering your walls these days?

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  1. Those were pretty impressive stuff! That vintage Vera Neumann scarf is gorgoeus! Sure is your savings won’t be emptied with those affordable but beautiful pieces. Great to have those listed, would be a help for those who are on the hunt for displays.

  2. this is a great series. keep it coming. i find that affordable art that is really neat is hard for me to source.

    Are you glad to be back east pretty girl?