Desk du Jour {Back to Black}

In complete contrast to Tuesday’s light and bright office tour, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite black and white spaces. As much as I adore white walls, there is something so graphic about colorful book spines tucked into black bookcases. Maybe it’s all about striking a balance, like the black and white stripes in the second space or the black moulding and white ceiling in the third. What do you think — would you dare to paint your walls black?

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  1. Love the drama of a black room but I think it’s a brave choice for an office because I think it’s a very grounding colour. I find it great for winding down (my dining room is charcoal and my bedroom has one black wall) but where I’d need to be alert through the day, I’m not sure I could do it. Saying that, if someone wanted to ‘gift’ me one of these offices, I’d happily accept it!

    I just stumbled on your blog – love it btw. Definitely be back x

  2. I just painted my walls charcoal! totally jenna lyons-inspired. I can pull it off because my room has SO much light. dark walls in a sunless room can be kind of depressing, no? I, too, love the look of books housed in black bookcases – it seems very neotrad to me 🙂


  3. Love the drama created by high gloss black walls. And totally agree, the colorful spines add such a nice graphic element to the walls.

    Of course love the stripes, but the uplight detail in the 3rd image is very cool.

  4. Awesome images! I’m too whimpy to paint my walls black but I did paint them a pale Tiffany blue and recently redid my home office to include all black furniture and black and white accents! Looks good with the light blue/green walls. These images make me want a large home with a library!