Apartment Essentials {The Headboard}

My ideal first apartment has white walls and wood floors. In other words, it’s a blank canvas for whatever colors, patterns, and textures I decide to bring in. As we’ve discussed, the easiest way to break up those white walls is by adding colorful art. But in the bedroom, my favorite way to break up a big blank expanse is to add a beautiful headboard.
{Sasha Adler}
Headboards create a chic focal point and add instant elegance to an otherwise generic space. I love the prices and the selection at More Headboards, especially from the brand Skyline Furniture (which I know many design bloggers love!).
I picture this tufted khaki headboard ($345) paired with pale blue linens in a very elegant boudoir. 
You know my all-time favorite color combination is navy blue with hot pink. Why not pair this navy headboard ($235) with crisp white bedding and a hot pink throw?
If it’s a gender neutral look you’re after, this black nailhead trim headboard ($270) is perfect! The nailhead trim is more masculine, the curvy shape is more feminine, and the black hue appeases everybody!
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My three favorites are priced as headboards for full size beds but available in any size your apartment will fit! What’s your favorite headboard look?

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  1. Sigh, I guess my next apartment purchase should be a headboard too. I also love ones from Nate Berkus HSN and Urban Outfitters. I like the one you picked with the studs.

  2. These are so very pretty.. I actually haven’t had a headboard since my childhood bed, but these choices certainly make me want to jump back on getting one!

  3. I completely agree…with a boring headboard, there’s no focus in the room! I absolutely adore the yellow in the first picture – that would really make a statement! Loving this apartment essentials series!

  4. Oh yes, without a doubt the first is my favorite—go bold, lovely—why not? Pair it with pretty linens and changing throws or pillows, season to season. What a glamorous look!

    Decorating your new apartment will be so much fun—I enjoy knowing what you’re thinking of adding/working on—keep us updated 🙂

    xx, Sarah

  5. Can’t go wrong with a tufted upholstered headboard! Although the boy likes leather ones, which when done right, can strike a good compromise hey, pick your battles, right? As long as he let’s me pick linens and pillows…)