The Perfect Tan

No, not the tan you worked on all summer. (And failed at, if you’re me.) I’m talking about the perfect tan accessories for fall. A little leather shoulder patch action, a darling vintage-inspired bag, and an everyday wedge that’s as chic as it is comfortable. Accent it with a well-placed pop of pink or — my go-to favorite — navy.

What are your favorite ways to wear tan this fall?

18 thoughts on “The Perfect Tan

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  1. I have cords the color of the wedges in the post and I’ve been playing with what tops to wear with them. I never thought of hot pink!!! I’m so excited to put that together…thanks for the idea!

  2. I just got the perfect tan trousers… cropped and fitted. They have that rich caramel color that goes well with navy, pink, black, khaki, you name it…

    PS. within hours of joining twitter and tweeting with you my account was suspended for no reason. Julie+ Twitter= FAIL. I’ll be back soon though {hopefully}.

  3. Tan/camel is my FAVORITE color of “brown.” I couldn’t live with my little Dooney & Burke satchel in this color. My favorite days are when I can wear a navy blazer with it! Loving that sweater you picked too.