Rabbit, rabbit!

Does anyone else try to start each month with this good luck phrase? I tell myself I’m going to remember and inevitably forget every time. Anyway, the start of November means the holiday season is fast approaching, like it or not! But before we fast forward to Christmas, let’s talk about party attire — for Thanksgiving or any other festivities you have coming up!

I have a hard time splurging on party dresses I’m only going to wear once or twice before retiring to the back of my closet. This season for me is all about reworking the classics I already own: a cozy sweater, a sequin skirt, and a classic pair of pumps (seriously I wear these to work at least twice a week!). Top it off with a statement necklace, inexpensive bracelet, and a chic envelope clutch and you’ll have a party-ready look that you can reinvent all winter long!

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  1. I love this outfit and idea! I always end up buying a dress that I only wear once or twice. Buying a skirt is way more cost-effective and versatile! Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. I have a hard time splurging — but when I do, it’s ALWAYS worth it. I think I need that entire outfit for Thanksgiving, which is also my birthday. Even more of a reason to splurge!

  3. I really really love that clutch~ I am so tempted to buy it, but I know I could never fit everything I need for an evening out in it. Still, what a steal for only $80!

  4. Rabbit rabbit. I do it too. I am all about re-working my closet this season too. With an impending wedding and lots of plans money is not growing on trees…xo