Change of plans!

Happy Monday, everyone! You might have noticed that I’ve been blogging, pinning, posting, tumbling, and tweeting quite a bit more this past week so let’s cut to the chase: I quit my job and I’m moving on to greener pastures! Sometimes you just know when something isn’t a good fit and have to acknowledge that your head and your heart are pulling you in a different direction. I’m grateful for the learning experience and excited to reconnect with the things I love: blogging, writing, and a few other fun projects that I have up my sleeve! 

Because I’ll be spending some time on these projects before thinking about looking for a full-time job, I’d love to hear from any of you who are or have been self-employed. What is the most rewarding aspect and what is your biggest challenge? I would be so happy to hear from you!

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  1. Mackenzie – I’m late to this post but I just want to say that I applaud your courage. When we move away from things that aren’t right for us, we only move towards the things that are. And when you do what’s right for you, the universe has a way of making it easier, opening up….I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you


    Our deepest fear is not that we are
    inadequate, our deepest fear is that we
    are powerful beyond measure.

    It is our light, not our darkness that
    most frightens us. We ask ourselves,

    “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
    talented and fabulous?” Actually, who
    are you NOT to be?


  2. Congrats on following your heart & your dreams, I wish I could be half as brave as you. I will keep working towards it! Wishing you much success in your next steps 🙂
    Nancy xo

  3. Congratulations! I just did the SAME thing a few months ago and have not regretted my decision for a single second! I realized that life is too short to be unhappy at a job, and let’s face it, job’s take up a huge chunk of our lives. I’m just trying to figure out what it is exactly that I want to do ha! Good luck with everything, it is SO worth it! 🙂

  4. Yay! So proud of you and excited to see all of the open doors ahead. You are such a talent and I have no doubt in your personal success. It is such a liberating feeling to take control of your life, and worth every ounce of doubt. The outcome is so fantastic! xoxo

  5. I know I am late reading this post, however I think you made a wise move and I guess we should all be following our hearts. You are so talented and very creative and I love your blog!!! I wish you the best!!!


  6. I am so happy for you to experience things at such a young age so that you can have it all figure out by the time you turn 25;-)

    Good luck and you know I will be following along on your journey/

  7. Congrats on making a tough decision. You definitely are good at what you do here on this blog of yours and if you can turn that into a career, I applaud you. Best wishes for your future endeavors! xo

  8. Congratulations Mackenzie! I recently quit my job that I had for over a year and a half (I got it right after graduation) and literally felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders. At the moment, while I am trying to figure out my next major move, I am working for myself (nothing beats being self-employed…your own hours etc.) and doing some part-time marketing/social media for an interior designer. While it is extremely daunting the idea that you don’t have a full time job with a steady bi-weekly paycheck, if you don’t love what you do, that can be even more stressful.

    The biggest challenge I have as my own boss is making sure I set a schedule for myself. There are times when I would love to sleep in (and believe me, I have) but getting into a routine is very helpful. The most rewarding aspect of it all, is knowing that I am creating my own business and making it work!

    Best of luck to you!


  9. Hi Mackenzie! Just wanted to send over my own words of congrats and support! I had a very similar experience straight out of school. My best advice to you if you’re serious about freelancing is learning how to cope with all the tough times. It’s so easy to become filled with self-doubt. Do NOT give up on yourself! If you keep focusing on your goals and can really crystallize what it is you want, then you’ll get there. Promise! Cheers to you and the future!

  10. Good for you! U made the right decision and i admire your courage for doing that. This is also my current dream but unfortunately i cant do that or else i’ll have nothing to live on. I dont know where else to head for, but what i know is that i want something to wake for in the morning with a smile on my face.

  11. Congrats!! A dear friend of mine just quit her job as a creative director for a magazine. She is in the same boat you are… making a new path. As stressful as it might get, have fun! For this might be your greatest adventure!

  12. Congrats and best of luck! I have no advice on being self-employed as I sit here in my cubicle home, but I wish you all of the best. Can’t wait to see where you go from here!


  13. I’m so impressed with your decision! Having decided to transfer colleges last year, I know how it can feel quitting something — like everyone is going to judge you and criticize you on your decision. But at the end of the day, following your heart really is the most important thing and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how supportive everyone is! Your blog is absolutely fantastic (it always brightens my day!) and I can’t wait to see what kind of projects you have in store. Best of luck!
    – Cat

  14. I’m not a blogger, just a blog stalker, but I say go for it! If you decide you want a desk job in the future you can certainly go back to it. It’s much harder when you’re older!

  15. Congratulations Mackenzie for quitting on what you knew you didn’t want! its not an easy decision in this tough economy!.. I wish I could give you an advice but I am still in the planning phase of “my business”. Good luck!

  16. Owning my own business is the best thing I’ve ever done!!! It means that I’m doing what I love and get to travel all the time. The only down side is that you spend way more hrs working. Even when you’re off you’re not really off.


  17. I did it. I quit my FT job and started my own business. I was rough, very rough. I worked hard, long hours and had a newborn. I remember crying most nights, worrying about if I was “wasting” my time and money. If I could go back (I wouldn’t go back) but if I HAD to, I would do it all over again. It is harder but the rewards are greater. If you need ideas, tips, helpful hints, I have made every mistake under the sun and would be happy to share! All the best to you.


  18. Congratulations! Life is too short to stay somewhere just for the sake of staying. I am excited to see what is next for you… I know it will be fabulous 🙂

  19. It feels so good to be in control of your life! Congratulations on knowing what is best for you. It took me 2 years in advertising to realize it wasn’t a life long career, and a small freak out to realize interior design was my real soul mate. There has not been a single day that I have regretted my decision. If you ever want to talk more, let me know!! Good luck to you! Exciting things are ahead. xoxo