Currently Coveting {Costume Jewelry}

I’m in the midst of reading Rachel Zoe’s fashion bible Style A to Zoe and, while my personal style is far more casual and less glamorous than the celebrity stylist’s, I find myself nodding in agreement with her love of costume jewelry. I’ve collected a few statement pieces in recent years but I either forget to wear them on my way out the door or sport them one at a time, so unlike Rachel’s “more is more” philosophy. I think I’ll give her maximalist ways a try in the spirit of the sparkly holiday season. Won’t you join me?

(1) Michael Kors link necklace, $175 (2) ASOS tassel necklace, $27
(3) ASOS box knot drop earrings, $14 (4) Loren Hope Farrah necklace, $185
(5) Catbird ring, $88 (6) House of Harlow antler cabochon ring, $95

Which is your favorite piece and what’s your jewelry philosophy?

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  1. I’ve seen that link necklace around and I can’t get enough of it. I say yes to costume jewellery! Very few of us can afford an entire collection of real jewellery and even though spoiling yourself once in a while is fun, costume jewellery fills up the gaps in the collection quite well!

  2. I tend to wear more delicate pieces on a daily basis and things that I can leave on and not have to think about but for going out and definitely for the holidays I am all about more is more ! Love #6 and #8 !!