DIY {Campaign Table}

I’m a little bit obsessed with campaign furniture. You may recall my dad and I painted this Union Jack campaign dresser for my boyfriend. Then I purchased a second dresser off of Craigslist and gave it new life with glossy white paint for my own bedroom. Then last week I decided it would be pretty cool get the look of campaign furniture without having to stalk my local Craigslist or spending hundreds of dollars. Without further ado, my DIY campaign table!

I started with two of these Ikea Lack tables ($10 each) and gave each two coats of Benjamin Moore’s semi-gloss Admiral Blue. 
Then I bought brass corner braces like these ($1.50 for four). You’ll need three braces per corner so three packs per table. (Math isn’t my strong suit so I thought I’d spell that out for you.)
My intention was to screw three to each corner but after learning that I’m not so handy with heavy machinery my dad stepped in to show me the ropes.
Work in progress (sleeping companion strongly recommended)…
And the end result looks something like this.
One day I’ll show you pretty pictures of them all styled up in my first apartment but until then you get iPhone pictures of me tackling DIY projects on my kitchen floor. The project cost boils down like this:

– $10 x 2 for two Ikea Lack tables = $20
– Leftover paint = free
– $1.50 x 6 for twenty-four brass corner braces = $9

$29 for two DIY campaign tables! What do you think?

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  1. Found you from Pinterest. Doesn’t the paint scrape right off? I didn’t know you could paint that kind of surface? How is it holding up for you? Looks great.

  2. I’m so happy you all like them! Such a fun and simple project.

    Meaghan — I did not sand the Ikea wood veneer. The dresser was real wood so I did do a light sanding on the top and front but the semi-gloss paint sticks very well as long as you’re prepared to do multiple coats! Personally I’d rather paint an extra coat than get out the sander 😉 I hope this helps!

  3. Did you sand the wood at all? With the dresser too? Or does the semi gloss stick without sanding?? That would make DYI projects that much easier not having to sand!