The Design Dialogues {Alexandra Berlin}

I’m so excited to introduce you all to my friend Alex of the blog Things That Sparkle. Somehow between blogging, designing, and planning her wedding, Alex has been an incredible support to me as I venture into the uncertain territory of self-employment. Alex recently went back to school to study interior design before launching her own business! Here she is to tell you all about it.

Who you are:

Where you are:

Five words to describe yourself:
Creative, loving, honest, emotional, passionate.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
Classic. Glamorous. Warm. Eclectic.

Who are your style inspirations?
Oh, this is a tough one! There are so many. Bloggers are so incredibly inspiring because you’re able to follow their process — it’s so real and there’s so much talent! I’ve also been finding inspiration among my favorite artists. You can create an entire room around a special piece of art! Pieces from Sally King BenedictLana Gomez and Amanda Talley inspire me all the time!

How did you decide you wanted to be an interior designer?
I was always one of those little kids who loved to rearrange my room and help my mom choose fabrics but it never occurred to me to make it a career. I graduated from college and went straight into advertising. After two years, I began to see it wasn’t for me. I had just started my blog and realized so much of what I loved to blog about was interior design. All of a sudden, it clicked! I haven’t looked back since.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?
Seeing clients happy with a home or a space they love and feel good in. That really is the best feeling — it sounds clichéd but it’s the end goal of everything I do!

And the least glamorous aspect?
Missed deadlines by vendors and billing. Nothing glamorous about frustrated clients and spreadsheets.

What advice would you offer aspiring creatives?
Just do it! Seriously. If this is your passion, then follow it. There is nothing more fulfilling that doing what you love every day.

Where would you like your business to be in five years?
I’d like to have my own office space, expand my list of clients, and try some new types of projects, to name just a few!

Three items on your to do list:
If I’m really being honest… Pay the dog walker. Buy bedside lamps for client. Vacuum — So. Much. Dog. Fur. Isn’t my life glamorous?

Three items on your wishlist:
Is this a dream wishlist or a realistic wishlist? I’ll include both! My birthday is in a month… This perfect blush and chevron iPad cover. This perfect spin on monogramming. This Céline bag.

Three tasks on your bucket list.
Travel, travel, travel — Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, Prague, Istanbul, I could go on forever! Get another puppy — I’ve been dreaming of this ever since my dog turned one but sadly living in an apartment in the city is not conducive to two big dogs. Have my work published — it would be totally surreal to see my work on the pages of a magazine! Such a dream.

– – – 

Isn’t she wonderful? I love her advice, “There is nothing more fulfilling that doing what you love every day.” Now go check out her blog and say hello!

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  1. Such a great combo – Mackenzie and Alex all in one place! I love both your styles. You gals inspire me every single day. xx

  2. Alex is one of those people I’ve ‘met’ though blogging, that I honestly consider a friend- she is endlessly supportive and so immensely talented. I’m pretty sure amazing things are in store for her- great post from Alex and fabulous series Mackenzie!