My New Favorite Toy

Thanks to all of you who shared your favorites on this post, I have found the curling iron of my dreams. Following your recommendations, I immediately ordered the Hot Tools curling iron (1 1/4″ size) and subsequently fell in love.

It heats up almost immediately, works quickly, and costs a mere $34. Seriously?! The hair tool of my dreams cost just $34?! I wish someone had told me ages ago. Get yours here and watch this tutorial if you need a little help refining your technique.

And because you were all so helpful with my last beauty dilemma, here’s another for you. Do any of you use Clarisonic to clean and exfoliate? I’ve heard rave reviews but the $119 price tag is a bit steep for my liking. If you’ve used it, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. I love my hot tools curling iron and my clarisonic! I got the clarisonic pro two years ago for christmas and it still works great! One of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten.
    It also has a great battery life. And gets my face cleaner than anything I’ve ever used.


  2. I will second the posting, above, about being obsessed . . . I am absolutely obsessed with my clarisonic. I’ve tried the cheap Olay version, too, but it doesn’t pulsate nearly as well as the clarisonic. Well worth the splurge!

  3. Hi! I know many friends that swear by it! I have put it on my christmas list that is for sure. My mom started using it and I noticed a difference immediately. My dermatologist also recommended I use it along with a retinoid cream because I run so much. check out my blog at

  4. i have been using the clarisonic mia for a month or so and it has singlehandedly changed my skin! without making any other changes to my routine, it’s completely clear and i was battling some ugly acne previously. i can’t say enough good things!

  5. I second (and third) the Olay Pro X. I love mine and the price tag is definitely affordable(especially in Canada where the Clarisonic is about $50 more than US prices)My skin looksgreat and I can really feel my serum soaking in when I put it on after I wash myface.

  6. I’ve heard only good things about the Clairsonic, but I’ve also heard of another brand that is about $50. Can’t remember the name of it but I know the Fowler Sisters of Youtube talked about it. It came with more scrubbing head things too I think…

  7. I got a Mia for Christmas last year and I can’t say enough about it! I grew up with pretty bad skin and recently have suffered from mild eczema on my face and this thing totally wipes it out! I would caution against using it every day, or every other day, but a once a week deep clean has worked great for me. I wish i would have known about all the fun colors! I know for a fact that you won’t regret the purchase!

  8. I’ve been using my clarisonic for about a year and I’m completely obsessed. It feels amazing taking all of your makeup off and you can even use less expensive facewash to get the same feeling. Definitely worth it 🙂

  9. I purchased a clarisonic several months ago using several gift cards taking up room in my wallet, plus a little cash and it has been the best investment. My skin has never looked better and all it’s claims are absolutely true. Run, run, run and buy one.

  10. I don’t have a fancy electronic exfoliator, but I love the pineapple/papaya scrub from Kiehl’s. A dab will do ya, and it’s a fraction of the cost. 🙂

  11. I love it!! My mom, has been looking great…everyone keeps asking her if she has done anything…..its her glowing skin. She has been using the clarisonic brush for 6 months. SO i decided to get one. And boy does it work! You have to get it. Its worth every penny!

  12. I actually own a clarisonic! A mini lavender one. I love it. It makes my skin glow, and it feels really good. I’ve used the Olay battery-powered scrubber, too, but it doesn’t feel the same! You should consider purchasing one – I think you’d be obsessed : )

    x fallon

  13. I too had heard great things about the Clairisonic, but balked at the price tag. I use the Olay Pro X ($30 from Target) instead. As far as I can tell, it is the exact same thing, except that it uses batteries instead of a charger. I loooove it! It has definitely made a huge difference in my skin – just this weekend my mom commented that my skin looked great, and she never says things like that. Highly recommend.

  14. You posted two great tools here! I have both.

    I waited a long time to invest in my Clairisonic too but it was well worth it! Especially in the winter- it totally brightened my complexion and I’ve been amazed how dirty my face actually gets during the day. Love it!

  15. i love everything about this post! hot tools are my FAVORITE curling irons and I have had my clairsonic for a few weeks now and love it! instant results!

  16. I have the curling iron and I am obsessed, it’s truly the best iron I’ve used. I had my first one about a year when it burned out and I just got a new one, but at that price I can’t really complain.

    I’m curious about the Clarisonic too, I’ve heard such great things but haven’t taken the plunge yet!

  17. I have had that curling iron for 10 years, seriously!!! It’s lasted and I absolutely love it. The wand is kind of curved instead of straight due to abuse but LOVE! You will enjoy:-)

  18. I have a Clarisonic and LOVE it! I think it changed my skin. It made my skin so clear and soft. I think it even helps make my pores like a teeny bit smaller (or maybe that’s just mental). It’s so soft and feels like a little massage, but it still exfoliates all the dead skin off. I can’t comment on how well the model you posted works, though, as I have the $225 one. I say go for it!

  19. hi girl! i’ve been on the hunt for a curling iron. i’m going to order this one. at $34, i need to! and about the clarisonic… i bought one two years ago and LOVE it. i can really tell when i haven’t been using mine. i know it is steep, but it’s awesome.