Red + Pink

I almost never blog about the color red. The reason is pretty simple: as a redhead, I try to stay far, far away. But then my friend Bailey pinned these two ensembles and got my creative juices flowing…

First of all, Emma Stone is a redhead. Second, both of these ladies look fantastic in red and pink. I decided that maybe, just maybe, if I wore pink on top and kept the red away from my hair, I could give it a go.

{1} Tibi silk top, $160 {2} Loren Hope necklace, $88

{7} Michael Kors ring, $85

If you prefer long sleeves à la Emma and SJP, I’m also liking this hot pink top. What do you think? Could I pull it off? Would you ever pair red and pink?

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  1. i’m a red head, too. and i can’t do like bright bright red… but i can do an orange-red color and it looks decent. if you have colored eyes, it looks fine… if you have brown eyes the red mixes funny… i have a cousin with red hair and brown eyes and red is just NOT her color.

    allister bee blog

  2. Love your outfit design today Mackenzie, the red and pink look is strong, but stunning!! I think your outfit combines both in a great way! I also am in love with you exterior posts from yesterday…I would love to live in any one of those homes, swoon!! Have a fabulous weekend xoxo