White On White

Do you ever seen an outfit or a room and think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” That’s precisely how I felt when I saw this look on stylist Elin Kling. White on white with a bright red lip and simple accessories — what’s not to love about that? 

It’d certainly help to have her model-esque frame but I’d like to think we could all replicate this look with a few simple ingredients. (I know I’ve blogged about this lipstick before but it really is the perfect red!) Has a plain white t-shirt ever looked so good? I think not! 

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  1. sometimes the simplest is the chicest. like when bianca jagger wore a white suit and everyone caught their breath 🙂 i love the mix of dressy with casual – brocade pants or a ballgown skirt with an unexpected simple white shirt or a slouchy tee (the ones from the row are the best). chic is sometimes unexpected, like this great outfit. pair with great jewels, killer shoes and a strong lip and you are guaranteed to beat all the little black short and tight herve leger clad girls in the room in the fashion stakes. more updates on what the world of independent employment is treating you, please, mackenzie! are you sure its not fashion instead of interiors? 🙂 your fellow fashion-and-interiors addict, pdc

  2. Hahahaha anonymous, thanks for chiming in. I see what you mean and I would definitely hem the pants so as to see the shoes a little more. Then again, anyone with a more average frame probably wouldn’t have the same 4-sizes-too-big problem 😉

  3. Love your fashion plate but cannot be as enthusiastic as you on the picture> The trousers are at least 4 sizes too big, and what on earth is she wearing under that T-shirt? Seems like a stuffed textile sausage of some kind in lieu of boobs – sorry, I think the whole thing is a mess. But again, love the idea of a pure white silhouette with red lipstick.