The Ultimate Souvenir

One of the interior design dilemmas that seems to be plaguing some of you (as per this post) is what to hang on the walls. So when I stumbled upon this William Abranowicz photograph (featuring work by Thomas Struth) on a new-to-me favorite blog The Aestate, I knew I had to share! It made me think about blowing up and framing one of my favorite photos from the time I spent abroad (more on that here).
Centre Pompidou in Paris.
Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.
The house from The Sound of Music in Salzburg, Austria.

The Louvre in Paris.
The sculpture garden at the Louvre in Paris.
View from Hohensalzburg Castle in Salzburg, Austria.
Château de Villandry in the Loire Valley.  
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Which one shall I frame? Do you have any travel photos framed in your home?

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  1. All your photos are fantastic, but if I had to choose just one to frame I think I’d go with the last photo. These pics make me want to hop on a plane today!
    Noticed that you changed your outfit colours in your header, very festive.

  2. Loved all the images!! and the first one above.. wow!
    I need to go to my old computer and check my europe travel photos.. I might rescue 1 or 2 and frame them!

  3. Some of the best photos we have are from a concrete train station by Calatrava in Portugal, and you just inspired me to think about one up ove our couch too! I love this idea so much. Your photos are beautiful! If ever you sell the top one please let me know. It would look amazing blown up. That’s my vote!

  4. I think that the last two photos are the best to frame!
    This summer I visited Maine, took pictures of lighthouses and landscapes, framed them and created a beautiful B&W gallery in my bedroom.

  5. Frame them all! You could put them in different places around your home. You did an amazing job taking them and certainly saw some wonderful sights!

  6. SUCH a stunning idea and the reason why all pictures should be shot in RAW 🙂 I love your image of the Château de Villandry in the Loire Valley – the shadows are coloring are so beautiful!