Madewell Shoes

I generally identify more with J.Crew than Madewell but the latter has been nailing it in the shoe department lately. (Don’t even get me started on these leopard pumps — too perfect for words!)

(3) Suede Sandstorm Boot — I have these and love them! (4) Leopard Print Film Noir Pump
(5) Watchtower Boot (6) Suede Sidewalk Skimmer — only $88!

Seriously, how’s a girl to choose?

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  1. I love #2!

    This is Kristen Crosby with Design Shuffle. I emailed you awhile back about a guest post opportunity and I think my emails may have gone in your spam folder.

    If you could email me back at, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you Mackenzie and I hope to hear from you soon!

  2. A big ole fat yes on no. 4. I stared at them the other day for several mins wondering if I should splurge or hedge my bets waiting for them to go on sale. They really are just about perfect.

  3. I completely agree with you. Almost all of my clothes are from J.Crew and I think I’ve maybe bought one clothing item from Madewell – but their shoes are to die for! I’m especially dying over #2 and #5 right now.

    xx Emily @

  4. I have #2 and I’m obsessed!

    I’m also typically more of a JCrew girl, but I’ve found myself drawn more and more to Madewell lately. They’re doing something right!