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My parents are in the midst of redoing our family room and it’s been fun to help them update the look from washed out beiges and tans to preppy navy blue and white. (Perhaps I need to take a few Instagram shots to share on Twitter!) When it came time to replace the sofa, they actually found two they love from Ikea — for just $399 each! And since Ikea is a budget-friendly option for so many shoppers, I decided it was high time I share a few of my favorite pieces.

I would never use all of these pieces in the same space but they are a great foundation for layering in different colors and textures — or tackling a few DIY projects! (Remember these? I’m also dying to try this, this, and this.) Have you used Ikea pieces in your home? I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Wow, great taste. I’ve been looking for an affordable FAUX sheepskin for awhile. I think its such an appropriate accessory for winter! So thank you for that. The lucite dining chair is also a favourite of mine.

    My ABSOLUTE FAVE is by far the Docksta dining table. It’s just amazing. I actually recently did a whole post on the table and the Knoll tulip table it is modeled after on my blog, I’d love for you to have a look!


  2. I own 1, 3, and 4. Haha. Except my Expedit shelf is only the 2 by 4 version. Those Lack side tables are so unbelievably cheap. I have a white one that has held up surprisingly well for over a year now. Still, I’d love to upgrade to something with a little more substance and quality. I think a lot of IKEA’s stuff is perfect for young folks just starting out who can’t afford to fill their home with nice pieces all at once. Of course there are also some IKEA pieces that are very nice in their own right that I wouldn’t feel the need to replace eventually. Love my sheepskin rug!

  3. I’ve got the Expedit bookcase and they’ve got these really fun mirrored cabinets you can install onto the bookshelf now. This way you can use it for additional storage that you don’t necessarily want others to see. It’s great for us I can display all our pretty books and hide my dog’s treats and my untidy office supplies behind the mirrored doors.

  4. I love Ikea! I made a trip there last week + purchased a rattan ceiling light for my office. Just posted a pic on the blog today. Can’t wait to see how you styled your pieces!

  5. I have the Ikea Docksta table and I get so many compliments on it, everyone thinks it’s expensive and a real Saarinen table!

  6. One of the things I love about Ikea furniture (my apartment is literally stocked with nothing but Ikea stuff) is that it is light, easy to move, and is priced so that you don’t have a meltdown if it gets scratched or dinged. Their stuff is very fashionable and can add a lot of style for a little green. However, for big, long-term purchases (like a proper couch, beds, etc.), I would invest in more hearty pieces. But for the here-and-now and accessorizing, Ikea is the best!

  7. I have two of these in my apartment!
    I’m all about Ikea for bookshelves, the docksta and Rasts. Though eventually I will upgrade all of them.

    I have the larger-sized sheepskin too. I love it.

  8. Oh Mackenzie… that eye of yours. I have the big 5×5 white Expedit bookshelf on my list for my office re-do. It is a tricky one. In store pickup only and they sold out of their replenishment in one day! I WILL be first in line when the re-stock!

  9. We have an Ikea malm bed that we bought because I really wanted a double bed and it was the nicest/cheapest option. I was skeptical, but we’ve had the bed for a few years, through a few moves, and it’s survived just fine. I love Ikea; they have such great pieces at affordable prices.

  10. We have TONS of IKEA furniture in our home (that and craigslist finds!) and we love all of it. I’ve never bought something that I haven’t loved and used for a long time. Our sofas are KIVIK (like the chair above) and I am still in love with them after purchasing them a year ago. And we JUST ordered an IKEA kitchen that we will be installing this month! We are die hards! 🙂