Uniform of the self-employed ;)

When I started working from home, I was convinced I’d wake up, get dressed, and put on makeup every single morning. Suffice it to say I have failed to live up to those expectations and my look is generally more like this — comfy pants, cozy vest, a piece or two of jewelry — and that’s on a good day! Perhaps another new year’s resolution in the works?

(4) J.Crew leather iPhone case, $38 — love this for guys and girls!

(6) Report booties, $110

Any other self-employed folks have the same “problem?”

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  1. Totally! I’ve tried several times and once I get on the computer it’s almost impossible to get me off. Many of my mornings have started off with, Okay I’m just gonna send ONE email. Before I know it it’s lunch time and I’m still in pjs and haven’t had breakfast.

  2. I work in a creative agency where just about anything goes. I love the outfit board you’ve created and can’t wait to incorporated pieces of this from my own closet to wear to the office tomorrow!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Your work at home outfit is much more chic than mine! If I’m not leaving the house, it’s hard to get me into anything but leggings and a sweater. But, when I make it to the office the 1 time during the week, it’s def a full out creative production.

  4. my only “work” is my blog, but fortunately (sometimes unfortunately) I have to take my daughter to preschool every morning, which forces me to put makeup on and get dressed, though it’s never terribly fancy. this is a great casual day at home/work look.

  5. I’m impressed you put on jewelry 😉 Haha. One trick I like to use is scheduling meetings or coffee dates in the morning so I am forced to get dressed and get going. I’m in my pjs as we speak/type! But I have a meeting in an hour so I better go get ready for that! xo

  6. I feel you sister!! It’s hard to put the effort in when working from home,but that outfit is definitely something I would wear every day.

  7. I work from home and sometimes have a hard time getting ready in the morning. Some days my motivation to get ready is knowing a package is coming in the mail and I’ll have to interact with a real live human! 🙂

  8. I work from home and I feel ya! It’s one of my goals this year to wear my pajamas and yoga pants only when sleeping or working out!

    I’ve been following your site for about a year now and am so happy I stumbled upon it!


  9. I don’t even work from home and I have that problem. My work dress code is super casual- which usually makes me hit the snooze instead of getting up and putting together an outfit.

    Super cute outfit!

  10. I worked from home for 6 months and there were days that I didn’t shower til the afternoon (TMI?). You definitely have to make getting up and at ’em (& dressed) a priority or else you’ll be in jammies all day :)!

    Good luck!