If you’ve been reading for a couple months now, you know that I quit my first job and decided to start my own business. I’ve been playing coy about details so I could really nail down the concept and start putting plans in motion behind the scenes. But now I’m pulling back the curtains on my new full-time gig…
…A brand new e-commerce site featuring a tightly edited assortment of accessories and decor! The past couple months have been a blur of preparations: registering Design Darling LLC, opening wholesale accounts, talking to mentors and new friends, and working on the new site. I can’t wait to share the fruits of my labor with all of you!

I have lots of favorite little brick-and-mortar boutiques where I like to peruse and pick up gifts, whether apartment accessories or jewelry or paper goods. But I had yet to find the place where all those things converge online: a one-stop shop for all the lovely little details that make a house a home and an outfit a show-stopper. Imagining that many of you might feel the same, I decided to take a leap of faith and create it myself.

When Design Darling {the boutique} goes live in early March, you’ll find fabulous art, baubles, clutches, pillows, trays, and more! Whether you’re decking out your new apartment with your roommates or your first home with your husband, I hope it will become your go-to shopping destination for accessorizing, decorating, and gift giving.

Sign up for the mailing list HERE and let the countdown begin!!!


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  1. I will be happy to read this. Here is the type of particulars that must be granted rather than often the random falsehoods that’s here within the other personal blogs. We appreciate you your revealing this ideal page.

  2. Oh my! This is so exciting!! I know you’re going to have the cutest stuff! Request? Will you diversify price points and make sure you’re always offering things that suit a shower gift, a birthday party, or a best friend’s wedding? That would be so fun to be able to shop without registries but still be able to get the perfect piece.

  3. Mackenzie, this is AMAZING. good for you for making lemons out of lemonade. as a longtime reader i can attest to your impeccable style and eye. i cannot wait to see what you will be offering!

    huge, huge congrats. i cant wait til march!

  4. Congratulations! This has to be extrememly exciting. The blogging community keeps inspiring me! I have already signed up for the newsletter and I can’t wait to see your e-boutique!

  5. Thank you ALL for your support. I couldn’t do this without you! March can’t come soon enough 🙂

    Kelly — Of course! Everything will be priced under $200 at launch time. I am determined to source product that’s affordable enough for the average twenty-something! xx

  6. Congratulations! That is so exciting! I’ve always wanted to go into business for myself. Maybe your story will inspire me to go for it!

    xoxo Tine

  7. Congrats Mackenzie! As a fellow recent college grad, I feel like I can relate to you on a lot of levels (for example, I also accepted a first job and then quit when it didn’t feel right) and greatly enjoy following your blog. Your awesome posts inspire me to dedicate time to my own blog as well as take time to make my life full of the beauty the world of design offers. I’m super excited for your business to launch and will be rooting for you all the way!!

  8. Congratulations! So excited for you and excited to see what’s to come. I’ve been following you for about a year and I’m sure this new venture will be nothing short of amazing!- Elizabeth

  9. Congratulations! You have a good taste, so I think your boutique will be amazing. Can’t wait to check it out!

  10. Congrats Mackenzie, I wish you the best. You’re so inspiring following what interests you and exploring entrepreneurship fearlessly. In fact, you’ve inspired me! I started my own food & recipe blog and am in the process of building it up and finding my voice.

    Take care,
    Kirby 🙂

  11. Huge congrats my dear! I am already signed up for the newsletter and can’t wait to get details! Also just took a tour of Shopify…pretty amazing! Let me know what you think!


  12. Congrats!! This is so exciting and I’m sure it will be a total success! I can’t wait to shop on Design Darling 😉 xx

  13. Congrats! I have been a reader for a while now and it makes perfect sense that you would have your own little boutique. I cannot wait to go shopping!

  14. Yay! Giddy with excitement and so very proud of you! I can only imagine amazing things to come for Design Darling, and given your timeless and bright sense of style I only see wonderful opportunities and success’ in your future. Congrats!! xo