Oh, Essie…

My very favorite thing to do with my mom and my sister is to treat ourselves to manicures and pedicures at a nearby nail salon. There’s nothing special about the salon but it always feels indulgent to spend time chatting and walk out with pretty polish on our fingers!

Of course I ask every time, “Which color should I get?” and nine times out of ten I wind up reverting to one of my tried and true favorites. Jelly Apple is my winter red (a little darker), Clambake my summer red (a little more orange), Fiesta for summer pedicures (perfect peeking out from my favorite sandals), and Fiji the perfect opaque pink. What are your go-to colors?

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  1. I’m so late on this but I can’t resist a post about polish! I am an absolute addict so I try to switch up my colors constantly – but my all-time go tos are:

    – OPI Tickle My Francey (such a gorgeous nude, at least with my skintone)
    -OPI Mod About You (perfect summer white-ish pinky/lavender – makes my look tan even though I’m really fair)
    – OPI Cajun Shrimp is the best pink-y orange around, in my opinion. Just orangey enough that it’s not blinding, but neon enough to be really fun (especially on your toes).

  2. Fiesta and Fiji are my go-to pinks (as well as a combination of ballet slippers and mademoiselle) but I just got a new color “Bahama Mama” for Christmas that is a cross between a cranberry and a purple.


  3. I love Essie… Geranium and Flirt are two of my favorites in the summer, and I always love Fiji and Mademoiselle… and Sugar Daddy for a more classic look. I have to say though, I’ve started using Zoya more frequently… the polish lasts much longer! Just throwing it out there… I’m a total nail polish junkie too though.. nothing better than a good mani/pedi, I feel like I can conquer the world!

  4. I’m a fan of Ballet Slippers on my fingers all year round. For toes, I love Guilty Pleasures in the summer and Lollipop during the holiday season!


  5. Fiji is my favorite too! The nail salon didn’t have it before I left for my trip and OPI Mod About You is equally as great so that’s what I still have on. Essie’s Brooch the Subject is my favorite nude polish right now. Thanks for sharing more colors!


  6. I just did the tried and true Ballet Slippers last night. Also a big fan of clambake in the summer, as well.

    Last spring, I was ALL about lilacism. I’m looking forward to bringing that one back soon 🙂