Laura Dro Painting Giveaway!

Happy Monday everyone! Let’s kick this week off with an amazing giveaway, shall we? I was positively thrilled to receive an email from the talented Laura Dro introducing me to her paintings and prints. Here are two of my favorite pieces…
Don’t you love the fun colors and patterns? There’s lots more where that came from in her amazing Etsy shop (including prints for just $49!). And in case you’re feeling lucky, Laura has generously agreed to give away this original 8″x10″ painting:
Isn’t she a beauty? To enter, please follow Laura’s blog and leave a comment below. I will announce the winner here on Friday. Good luck!

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  1. Wow! Thank you all so, so much! I am overwhelmed with all the nice comments, it’s so encouraging! Stay tuned for more colorful art that is similar. Thanks to Mackenzie for posting my paintings and I look forward to sharing my artwork!

  2. Thanks for the blog follow suggestion – what a talent! Loving new, upcoming artist suggestions; so so great to find pieces that can excite + speak to you through color and pattern! Very mini Rothko and funky Albers had a baby!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, the work is GORGEOUS!! What an amazing talent. I love the bright colors and would kill to add his painting to my (small) collection of art. Thanks for the feature!

    (Oh, and I’m following her!)

  4. I LOVE these paintings. SO inspiring, thanks for the opportunity to win one of these guys! You are the best! xo I am excited to now follow Laura’s blog too…!