Gold Bracelets

I was talking to my new blog friend Susan about the stacking trend and we both admitted that we always remove bracelets because they make so much noise. I’m truthfully more drawn to basic pieces that are easy to slip on and off…

A couple cuffs or a solitary chain bracelet exudes effortless chic in a way no stack of bangles can! What’s your preferred wrist wear?

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  1. Its been ages but nothing seems to have taken the worthy place of gold.they give a hint of both glamour grace and elegance.A single gold cuff when donned would surely make heads turn.Good work.

  2. I love all those choices! My choice of wrist wear changes depending on mood and season. Last summer, I wore a leather bracelet nonstop. I was hanging around a lot of musicians, and they all wore a lot of leather bracelets and it kind of rubbed off on me. (Though my take was a slim, worn brown leather bracelet, where theirs were more of the black cuff variety.) Now I’m really into a perfect bangle or charm bracelet, but I will stack sometimes, depending on my mood! Great blog; I love it!

  3. I LOVE cuff bracelets and I’ve been more drawn to chunky bracelets lately but they’re so hard to wear to work b/c they end up banging on my desk so I take them off half way through the day.

  4. Could not agree more. too much wrist action makes me feel a little gawdy and ridiculous with all the noise it makes and attention it draws. A simple gold cuff or chain is juuuuust right 🙂

  5. I must admit I love a good stack of bangles, but I do ten d to remove them from time to time because of the noise. But, if I know I’m not doing any sort of typing that day I’ll make sure to wear an arm load of baubles, I just can’t help myself!

  6. I absolutely love the look of stacking, especially when there are lots of different colors/textures involved, but you’re right; it is completely impractical in “real life.” I can barely type with one bracelet on (especially big bangles) without people starting to stare from other cubicles.

    I actually scooped up a Priviledged gold chain link bracelet very similar to #6 on GILT last week. Despite my doubts, I’m going to try my darnedest to make it practical and wearable.

  7. I love the look, but it is not for me. I am more of a practical dresser and having all of that bling on my wrists makes everyday tasks a little bothersome.

  8. Really love 5 and 6 !! I usually stack a few…my hermes H bangle and some mix of other beaded bracelets…that way they don’t make too much noise !!


  9. Oh, I’m so in love! I usually wear just one or two bracelets at a time. I have an old Nomination bracelet and a Forever 21 golden bracelet that says “love” and that’s my everyday jewelry. Even though I love big statement pieces and stacking bangles,I stick to the classic. It feels more like me!

  10. I’m the same way. I usually take them all of once I get to work because I “jingle”. I tend to only keep one, well fitting, bracelet on at a time. All of your picks are so beautiful on their own – perfect for the office!