{The Romper} Love it or leave it?

I expect you’ll all have mixed reviews of today’s post but I’m dying to know where you stand! I think rompers are an adorable alternative to dresses and skirts — and super comfy to boot!
I love this playful halter romper — I want to wear it for the Fourth of July!
This is a more office-appropriate option with a blouse top and striped bottoms. So cute, right?
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So would you ever wear a romper? Do chime in!

28 thoughts on “{The Romper} Love it or leave it?

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  1. Very cute, but too short for me.
    The second outfit is not for most office situations I would think. Again, it’s too short. The office that I work at would for sure take issue with the length of the shorts and the low cut top.

  2. Fine, I’ll be the voice of dissent. I realize I’m a little older than Mackenzie and maybe most of the other readers (I’m 28), but I just don’t get this trend. Rompers are so infantilizing and rarely flattering.

    I will say that I think you’ve picked two of the better looking ones here, but I’m still ready to leave the trend behind. (And I work from home now, so I can wear whatever I want, but I feel obligated to point out that unless you’re in a very creative field with a loose dress code–more power to you and your wardrobe if you are!–that second one is probably not work-appropriate.

    But to end on a positive note, Mackenzie, 9 times out of 10 I LOVE what you pick out, and I’m very excited about and impressed by your boutique venture!

  3. They always look so cute and promising on the hanger – the real trouble starts when I try them on! These two look super cute though! I especially love the stripes on the bottom of the Dolce Vita one.

  4. I think rompers can be really cute! I have a black strapless one with scalloped edges that I love wearing in the summer. These two are adorable!

  5. I always like the way rompers look on other people but I haven’t been able to find one that fits super well. I am still searching though