Tortoiseshell Glasses

Have you noticed that every celebrity and fashion blogger is most often photographed in sunglasses? I think there’s a rhyme to their reason. Here are a few pairs I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection (perhaps a post-launch gift to myself?)…

Whether you’re screening yourself from the sun, keeping yourself from squinting, or mugging for the camera, there’s a pair of tortoiseshell glasses for everyone! Which pair is your favorite?

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  1. I love when you post about specs! 🙂 Have you checked out Warby Parker lately? I wear one of two different WP tortoise styles on the daily. Love ’em.

    And they donate a pair for every pair bought.

  2. i just had to get my first pair of reading glasses and #4 is what I chose … i was scared they might be too trendy and not classic but you just helped me sleep at night! I’ll send a pic as soon as they arrive!

  3. I really love number 3. So beautiful. I recently had to get a pair of prescription shades and I had my heart set on a tortoise shell pair. The ray-ban pair I liked had a strange tilt on them though that wasn’t flattering, so I settled for a black pair. Maybe next time!