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  1. I just bought a bright pink dress for my 21st birthday on Saturday, so I loveee this! I was a wee bit nervous (didn’t try it on first), but I’m soo glad I got it. It felt so festive and fun the whole night! 🙂

  2. Okay so I know Miranda Kerr can pull off just about any color but she can really pull off that pink!! Adorable! I totally agree though… time to hang up the little black dress & break out those pinks, ladies!!! I love the Alice+Olivia dress you show here… absolutely precious cut! Happy Friday!

  3. Oh my goodness. Those are 3 fabulous options. I think I’d personally pick the last one because it seems the most versatile (higher neck, but shorter hem so it stays sexy) and the fact that it’s the least expensive is just a bonus 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Happy weekend, Mackenzie!

    -Caitlin @ Reverie to Reality

  4. I love the little pink dress!! And what is more perfect for this time of the year? Great options! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Mackenzie, Happy Friday!!
    Twirling Clare