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I know many of you are as addicted to Shopbop as I am but do you use their “heart” tool to keep track of your favorites? If not, you must start! I love seeing everything I like in one place. It will make my post-boutique launch shopping spree that much easier! 😉

This bikini might be the prettiest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. And that tuxedo stripe on the jeans! Swoon.

Juicy Couture ($38) Vince ($245) Avec Moderation ($345)
This scarf tie key fob would prevent me from ever losing my keys again! It could be a good DIY project as well. And the tortoiseshell detail on the sandals? You already know I’m obsessed.

This ring is topping my wishlist at the moment. I swear I would never take it off! But if you really want to throw your budget to the wind, might I recommend navy blue leopard print? Even saying the words makes me happy.

Stripes and peplums… That pretty much sums up what I plan on wearing all spring and summer!

Mother ($196) Porter Grey ($295) Alice + Olivia ($198)
White jeans are a summer year-round staple but it’s the back of this Porter Grey tank that’s doing me in. Perfection in navy blue. 

What do you have your eye on?!  

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  1. I love their heart tool but I end up “hearting” way too many things! I’m loving all the spring/summer dresses on Shopbop but it’s still so cold here I can’t justify buying anything!

  2. ooh I love the scarf key-fob! Must look into that…

    I loved seeing your fashion week escapades and could not be more jealous of your meal at Cafe Gitane. I used to lived around the corner and the fiance and I ate there practically every weekend! So yummy.