Color For His Closet

Today I thought we’d add a little menswear to the mix here on Design Darling. It’s not often I see something that my boyfriend, my brothers, or my dad just have to have so when I do I’m compelled to share!

I started a “for the boys” board on Pinterest and quickly noticed that all the boys in my life need a khaki pant intervention. I mean, why wear khaki when there’s pink to be had?

And then I found Bonobos. Pants and shorts in every color under the sun, all under $100. Can’t you already hear your boyfriends and husbands rejoicing? 😉

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  1. Bonobos are the best! I have been begging my boyfriend to buy a pair for a good year. Guess guys don’t appreciate colored pants as much as us girls do? What gives!?

  2. These can make for a neat look, but it takes a certain attitude to pull them off. If it gets a little too precious or “done,” then the guy looks like a tool.

  3. great colors! my fiance would wear these if i went and got him some of these…

    he’s a little sheepish about his clothes at work because he once wore capri pants and the other guys made fun of him… but he looks damn cute!!

    he would die over those light blue shorts! so cute!

    drop by allister bee soon!