Welcome, Sarah Swanson Design!

I’m so excited to introduce Sarah Swanson Design as my newest sponsor on Design Darling. Sarah is the talented tour de force behind the design blog Flourish Design + Style, the art shop Gallery Wall, and now her very own interior design firm Sarah Swanson Design.
Sarah’s focus is creating floor-to-ceiling design boards, enabling her to work with clients all over the world. Whether you’re moving into your first apartment or ready to decorate your family home, Sarah can help you put together a plan you’ll be excited to execute.
Sarah is intent on blending her aesthetic with her clients’, helping make what they love work in their home. Her services include any desired revisions, meaning her work isn’t done until you love what you see! And did I mention she’s one of the kindest people in the blogosphere?
The very best part? Sarah charges just $150 for a complete design board tailored to your space and your taste, as well as any revisions needed to make it absolutely perfect for you. Visit her site here and tackle those decorating dilemmas once and for all!

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