Pink Striped Perfection

It is very apparent that you designed this chair just for me and I must say I’m tickled pink! A more rational person would acknowledge that I already have an excess of furniture stored in our garage and that I couldn’t possibly find a place for this one chair but not you — you get me. Thank you for designing with my pink, preppy, stripe-loving heart in mind.

All my best,
Design Darling

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  1. THIS is incredible…. I am in love. When I was 18 my entire room came from pottery barn teen and now @ twenty blah blah. I still find soooo many things there that appeal to me… I love it!
    Darling Bonnie

  2. I love that chair. My sister bought me a PB Teen pink polka dot chair that I love, and the husband tolerates. I’d adore to add that one…or maybe make it!