Friday Finds (Everything Under $40!)

Who’s happy it’s Friday?! I sure am. If only this weekend entailed some real relaxation…

Summer, come sooner! Do any of you have a vacation coming up?

29 thoughts on “Friday Finds (Everything Under $40!)

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  1. I love this entire ensemble! Those earrings are very cute, and so affordable too. What is it about knots?

    Do you have a trip coming up soon too? I’m heading to DC for the first time in a couple of weeks, then no trips until June (NYC for about a week) and possibly August (Outer Banks). I can’t wait for nicer weather and spring wardrobes!

  2. Woohoo!! Happy Friday! I’m in LOVE with that bikini top. I had a pair of linen pants like that years ago that I gave away when wide legs went out of style. KICKING myself now. I’ve learned to never give anything away, no matter what closet clean out guides say.

  3. I’m a new follower to your blog, thanks to Project Gadabout. I love it! And that would be the perfect outfit for my vacation to Cape Cod. Unfortunately that’s in August, so I have awhile to wait!

  4. So it looks like I may be stopping by Old Navy this weekend 🙂 Only wishing I could be stopping by a beach as well – your picks have me in the mood for the beach!!

  5. I’m heading to Charleston for the weekend. I’m thinking that I might have to stop and pick up that striped top on my way out of town – perfect for a February day on the beach!